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Furnace Replacement

Need a furnace installed or replaced?

Why Should I Choose Metro East?

  • Free quotes/estimates
  • Fast, professional service
  • Our Technicians our clean-cut, drug-free and background –checked
  • Quality installations
  • We are locally owned & operated
  • Full warranty on all parts & labor

Why should I replace my furnace?

If your existing furnace is older and breaking down often, you should consider having it replaced.  A new furnace can significantly improve your “efficiency”. More “efficiency” means using less electricity and gas, which can save you a lot of money in the long-term.  Having a new furnace installed can also give you peace of mind about having a warm, comfortable home or business throughout winter.  If your furnace is breaking down often, a new furnace can actually save you money because you no longer have to continue repairing your existing furnace.

Call us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about deciding whether it’s the best economical decision to have your furnace repaired or replaced.

First, we’ll find the best furnace for your needs

Once an appointment is set up, a technician will come out to your home or business and determine the best options for your new furnace. When sizing your new furnace, we’ll take into consideration a number of factors including the size of your home or business, the number of windows & doors, insulation, etc. We will talk to you about what your heating needs are and how they are related to your budget.

We provide free quotes/estimates for furnace installations & replacements. The quote/estimate will include the cost of furnace-install-2removal and disposal of your existing furnace. It will also include the cost of all labor and materials (including the new furnace).

We can review the different types of furnaces available such as: 80% efficiency, 90%+ efficiency and 95% efficiency furnaces. We can install whatever furnace best meets your budget.

In addition to your budget, another factor to consider is how long you expect to live in your home. If you expect to live home for a very long time, we would recommend a higher efficiency furnace. In the long run, the higher efficiency furnace will save you more money. See energy star for more details and our page on “Do I need a new furnace?”.

After learning about your budget and needs, we will provide you with a free, written quote/estimate. Most quotes present two or three options for different types of furnaces to be installed.

Because we are an independent contractor, we are able to install a number of different brands of furnaces such as American Standard, Ruud, Rheem, Goodman, Coleman and more. In comparison, many other HVAC contractors only install one brand of furnace. We believe in giving the customer what you what and giving you choices.

Once we give you the quotation, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. That’s what we’re here for.

Next, we’ll install your new furnace

In most cases, a furnace install or replacement will take one day. In rare cases, it may take two days.

We’ll start by making sure you have all of your questions and concerns answered. We’ll review what the installation process will involve exactly.

Then, we’ll remove and dispose of your existing furnace. The new furnace will be installed and connected to your existing wiring and ductwork. The ductwork will be sealed to minimize any air leaks.

After the installation, we’ll verify your new furnace operates correctly. We don’t just run out the door. We want to make sure everything was installed correctly. The new furnace will be turned on & off multiple times to make sure it works properly.

Also, we will review with you how the installation process went and make sure that you are satisfied and understand everything that you need to.


Don’t worry, we guarantee all of our work

The labor and all the parts in the new furnace are guaranteed. So, if the furnace is not running correctly because it wasn’t installed correctly or a part in the furnace isn’t working right, we’ll come back out to correct the problem with no charge.

Save money by replacing both your furnace & AC

Of course, it costs more money up front to replace both your AC and furnace at the same time. However, if both are older and breaking down often, you may want to consider replacing both of them. If both are replaced at the same time, we can save you a significant amount of money. Why does this save you money? It’s because replacing both your furnace and AC at the same time requires a lot less labor than replacing them at separate times.