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Why Should You Choose Metro East to Install Your New AC?


  • Free quotes/estimates
  • Fast, professional service
  • Our Technicians our clean-cut, drug-free and background –checked
  • Quality installations
  • We are locally owned & operated
  • We guarantee our workmanship & all parts have a warranty

Do I need to have my AC replaced or can I just have it repaired?

It’s all about what is the best choice for YOU. Here are some issues to consider….

If your existing air conditioner is breaking down often, year after year, you will probably save money in the long-term by having your AC replaced compared to having it repaired year after year.

With your existing AC, do you have enough peace of mind that it will not break down in the middle of summer when the temperatures are close to 100 degrees? It’s on the hottest days of the year when your air conditioner has to work its hardest. It’s pushed to the limits and this is the time it is most likely to break down. If it does break down in extreme temperatures, it will become an emergency to have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Another consideration is how long to expect to stay in current home or business. If you don’t expect to be moving anytime in the next 3-5 years, it is probably a better choice to invest in replacing your current air conditioner with a new AC that should be much more reliable. If you are planning on moving within 6 months, you will probably save money by having your air conditioning system repaired.

Give us a call. We are more than happy to talk to you about your options of repairing vs. replacing your air conditioner.

Finding the best AC for your home or business

img_0019If you are interested in having an AC replaced or installed, we can provide a free quote/estimate for you. Once an appointment is set up, a technician will come out to your home or business and determine the best options for your new air conditioner. When sizing your new air conditioner, we’ll take into consideration a number of factors including the size of your home or business, the number of windows & doors, insulation, etc. We will talk to you about what your cooling needs are and how they are related to your budget.

Next, we need to determine the energy efficiency of your new air conditioner. The energy efficiency is determined by what is called the “SEER” rating. The higher the number, the more efficient the air conditioner will operate. Some common SEER ratings are 13, 14.5 and 16. A SEER rating of 13 is the absolute minimum that is manufactured today and it is the most budget-friendly. So, if you have a tight budget, this may be the best choice. In the long-term having a higher SEER rating installed will save you a significant amount of money, but they do cost more up front. We can install whichever air conditioner best fits your budget and needs.

In addition to your budget, another factor to consider is how long you expect to live in your home. If you expect to stay in the same home or business for a very long time, we would recommend a higher efficiency A/C. In the long run, the higher efficiency air conditioners will save you money. See energy star for more details and our page on “Do I need a new air conditioner?”.

After learning about your budget and needs, we will provide you with a free, written quote/estimate. Most of our quotes present two or three options for different types of AC’s to be installed. The quoted price includes:

  • Removing / disposing of your existing air conditioner
  • All labor and materials for installing your new air conditioner
  • Warranty on all parts
  • Guarantee on Labor

Because we are an independent HVAC contractor, we are able to install a number of different brands of air conditioners such as American Standard, Ruud, Rheem, Goodman, Coleman and more. In comparison, many other HVAC contractors only install one brand of air conditioner. We believe in giving the customer what you want and giving you choices.

Once we give you the quotation, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. That’s what we’re here for.

Installing Your New Air Conditioner

First, your existing air conditioner will be removed. Then, we will begin installing your new AC. Usually, a new air conditioner pad is installed. A new electrical box and air conditioning pipes will be installed, if we are not able to use the existing material. If we can use your existing electrical box and AC pipes, this will save you money.

We put emphasis on providing quality workmanship during the installation. We estimate about 50% of the performance of your new air conditioner is based on the quality of the installation. The other 50% is based on the air conditioner itself.

Once the new air conditioner is installed, we will run tests to verify no Freon is leaking. Also, we will optimize the Freon level. For best efficiency of your new air conditioner, it is important to make sure the correct amount of Freon (refrigerant) is in the AC. We don’t want too much or too little because this may cause a decrease in efficiency.

After the installation is complete, we want to ensure that it works correctly. We won’t just run out the door. We will test the air conditioner to make sure that it turns on & off correctly according to the settings of your thermostat. We will ask if you have any questions or concerns.

Don’t worry, we guarantee all of our work

The labor and all the parts in the new air conditioner are fully guaranteed. So, if the air conditioner is not running correctly because it wasn’t installed correctly or a part in the new AC isn’t working right, we’ll come back out to correct the problem with no charge.

Save money by replacing both your furnace & AC

Of course, it costs more money up front to replace both your AC and furnace at the same time. However, if both units are older and breaking down often, you may want to consider replacing both of them at the same time. If they are both replaced at the same time, we can save you a significant amount of money. Why does this save you money? It’s because replacing both your furnace and AC at the same time is much easier and requires a lot less labor than replacing them at separate times.